After a time when the Greek economy has been hit hard, both old and new enterpreneurs are investing in new high standard units in Greece both on the islands and in mainland Greece. Our company Kube Contractors by Karantinos Group with long links with its clients in the tourism industry is actively involved both in the study but mainly in the construction of tourism projects. Specifically, it has undertaken and manages the construction of a tourist unit in Ammopi Karpathos, an architectural design study of the Block 722, which includes 9 luxury suites with pools, a restaurant and a bar. Kube Contractors is also selected for the construction of 2 more units in Naxos and Kefalonia, which will be built by 2021.

The technical company Kube Contractors is staffed with the aim of providing quality services in the completion of large and specialized building projects such as hotels. In addition, our involvement in hotel projects has given us the opportunity to specialize in the laws and regulations required for the legal and secure completion and operation of tourist units.

Finally, we continuously strive to train our executives in new trends and techniques related to the design and construction of tourism and catering units ensuring the continued development and improvement of Kube Contractors services.