Kube Contractors were founded as the merger of the Karantinos Construction Group of Companies, aiming to form new partnerships and business ventures in the construction, procurement and real estate sectors.


Civil engineers Konstantinos, Nicholas & Alexandros Karantinos establish KARANTINOS CONSTRUCTION S.A. to offer design and construction services of public and private projects of all categories in Greece and abroad.


The construction and property companies of the Karantinos Group are strengthened with the introduction in management and operation roles of the civil engineers Nicholas and Alexandros Karantinos, who had gained useful experience in UK and Greece, by working at Balfour Beatty Plc, J&P S.A and more.


K. Karantinos develops commercial and technical cooperation deals with the Arfani Chioni group as well as with the J&P Group in which he participated for more than five years with the general contracting degree of 4th class while offering services in the development as a consultant and director. At the same time K. Karantinos offers services in the field of aquaculture projects in the group of J&P in Libya.


Konstantinos N. Karantinos is founding INTEKKAT SA, a company that performs construction projects of all categories. In the same year, LIBRO D ‘ORO is also established to develop and build resorts on proprietary land initially on the island Kefalonia and later extended all around Greece. During all these years, the technical office of K. KARANTINOS remains constanlty active, having built offices, apartments and shopping centers summing up to more than 15.000 sq.m.

Semiramis Hotel


K. KARANTINOS leaves the EXAS SA and establishes INTERDOMI SA in cooperation with N. Papadakis, a Civil Engineer. There he holds 50% of the shares and the position of chairman and CEO. INTERDOMI SA continues its successful history of K. Karantinos building large and special PROJECTS such as ΚΑΤΕΕ & ΚΕΚΑΤΕ of Ioannina.


Six Civil Engineers decide to combine their business and technical activities to establish EXAS SA undertaking large technical projects in Greece and abroad.
In addition to other projects, a keystone element was the invitation and participation of EXAS SA in the biding for the construction of the second phase of the terminal of the airport in Damascus, Syria.


Konstantinos N. Karantinos, is founding K.KARANTINOS LTD, a construction company that is specialising on the realization of large scale industrial projects.

Knorr Factory

Knorr Factory


Konstantinos N. Karantinos, honorary president of the KARANTINOS GROUP, establishes his technical office in Athens Greece, that undertakes the design and construction of private building projects.

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About Kube Contractors

KUBE is an experienced general building contractor with expertise in High End Developments, operating successfully for more than 55 years in the construction industry, with offices in London (UK) and Athens (GR).

We integrate design & engineering, procurement and construction functions to complete all types of building projects and meet our clients’ expectations.

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