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We take pride in our work. We at KUBE have the highest respect for our clients, and the communities in which we work, and we are grateful for their contribution to our continuing success. We feel honoured and privileged to work with them. We are committed to meeting their expectations, as well as our obligations under every mandate entrusted to us. We listen to their feedback, and respond to the best of our technical and managerial abilities. We are committed to their complete satisfaction. The quality of our product is the reason for our collective success. Each of us is committed to contributing to this overall success. The experienced project personnel, the analytical tools and the application of best practices, as well as the high tech resources we provide, are just some of key points that distinguish the quality of our services in KUBE.



KUBE affirms its conviction that sustainable development can only be achieved through the respectful use of natural resources. We commit to help our clients continuously improve the integration of environmental protection issues into all their activities, both in Greece and abroad.

As part of our commitment, KUBE will ensure that all of our activities are in compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations. KUBE will raise the awareness of its employees and its project managers so environmental protection is an integral part of their activities. Project managers will produce reports stating that their projects have been executed in compliance with this environmental policy.


Health & Safety


Safety is a value that is fundamental to our culture. KUBE has earned a record of achieving zero lost-time incidents on 90 percent of our projects. Year after year, our zero accidents philosophy helps put our safety performance right at the top of the industry.

At KUBE, we believe that every accident, and therefore every injury, is preventable, and we embed that philosophy into every KUBE project through a combination of technical field procedures and ongoing training programs. Every employee has stop-work authority—if it's not safe, don't do it. We also ask our subcontractors and partners to adopt our commitment to safety and health. The result is exceptional safety performance, even in hazardous work environments, severe weather, and remote locations.

Our dedication to safety helps keep workers safe and it also pays off for our customers. Their operating costs go down and productivity goes up because less time is lost to accidents. And our people go home to their families safely at the end of each day.

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About Kube Contractors

KUBE is an experienced general building contractor with expertise in High End Developments, operating successfully for more than 55 years in the construction industry, with offices in London (UK) and Athens (GR).

We integrate design & engineering, procurement and construction functions to complete all types of building projects and meet our clients’ expectations.

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